All clients are treated with the same personal touch. Each client has direct access to their Account Manager by phone & email access whenever you need. Our senior management team is also always just a phone call away. We always answer the phone!

Getting Started

With regards to our fees, we charge a one-time setup fee of $1,500 plus 15% of the spend under management. We start with a 90 Day Trial during which we must prove ourselves to you! You may cancel at anytime during the trial without notice.

Register for a free Pay-Per-Click (PPC) evaluation of your business. We’ll analyze your existing website and take a look at the competitive landscape for keywords in your sector.

You’ll get a written estimate on the viability of Pay-Per-Click campaigns for your business. Included:

  • Competitive Analysis – Who is bidding on your primary keywords and what are they paying? Is your competition running “smart”, actively managed, campaigns?
  • Website Analysis – If you have an existing website, we’ll give you our opinion as to the ease with which we’ll be able to integrate PPC campaigns.
  • If you don’t have a website we’ll give you a rough estimate on the cost to create a basic eCommerce site ready for PPC campaigns.
  • Projected Traffic Volume, Expected Average Cost-Per-Click (CPC), Daily and Monthly CPC Estimates, and Expected Lead / Sales Conversion Rate.

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